Tardion Yacht is a yacht manufactured in Poland – a country featuring among the world class luxury yacht manufacturers. The brand offers a unique design, care to detail, and precision of workmanship. Following multiple insights and redefinition of the broadly understood word ‘design’, an exclusive product has been created. The company does not aim to become a mass manufacturer, but its goal is to create absolutely luxurious yachts for those seeking a new experience, also in terms of an aesthetic impression.

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All Tardion yachts are fully personalised. The client decides about each detail of the yacht which guarantees a sense of exceptionality and originality. The only obligatory issue imposed by the manufacturer is the construction of an approx. 12 mm thick hull and a durable frame ensuring an exceptional quality of our watercraft, reaching far beyond standards. Each, even the smallest element of the yacht’s construction, has been carefully designed and then executed with utmost diligence in compliance with the highest standards. This approach has borne fruit in the form of an ideal product. The intended effect has been achieved in an outcome of a precise and time-consuming manufacturing process, lack of compromises in terms of application of the highest quality materials, as well as the class of execution of individual elements.

Precision is a matter of character born out of passion

Everything we do, we do with utmost care and diligence, using our own hands,
with attention to each detail and adhering to the
client’s personalised design.


Technical Data
Designer Przemysław Herbut
Design category C
Max speed 300 Hp 40 knots
Max speed 225 Hp 35 knots
Length of hull 8,03 m
Maximum engine power 300 Hp
Maximum engines power (twin installation) 2×200 Hp
Light craft condition mass 2000 kg (without engine(s))
Single engine installation 2320 kg
Twin engines installation 2390 kg
Maximum load 1330 kg
Beam of hull 2,55 m
Maximum number of persons 10
Zobacz Więcej
Water tank capacity 88 l
Waste tank capacity 88 l
Fuel tank capacity 300 l
3 battery installation
2 bilge pumps
2 sinks
Electric toilet
Caboose with gas stove
Electric anchor
Hot water boiler
Possibility of road transport without additional permits

Thanks to the vessel’s low weight (approx. 2,300 kg) and the construction of the hull, the boat guarantees very fast acceleration and low fuel consumption. Sharp finish of the hull ensures unsurpassed comfort of sailing, whereas a 300 litre fuel tank allows for an increased sea voyage range.

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The most beautiful works are born out of passion, but they are, first and foremost, a fruit of collaboration of people sharing a common goal. Creating this design with a team of outstanding individuals was a source of enormous satisfaction for me. For this reason I would like to express my gratitude to Andrzej, Józef, Krzysztof, one of the most prominent motorboat designers, Przemysław, Rafał of Endorphines Yacht, Wojciech of Marine Serwis, Krzysztof, Tomasz of Janukowicz Jacht, Paweł of Digger Bazan, Marek of Pacyfic, and the most important of my mentors – my wife.